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Luna 2 fra BGD


Three, two, one, booster ignition and we have lift-off for the LUNA 2, our out of this world PPG wing with the ultimate mission, to widen the possibilities of airborne exploration for experienced pilots. This hi-tech versatile craft will safely carry pilots to discover new horizons and then softly bring them back to the surface!


The LUNA 2 is made for powered paragliding, and offers the perfect blend of comfort, performance and speed creating the ideal choice for intermediate pilots up to competition racers. Designed from the record breaking LUNA the LUNA 2 is even better with a new strong shark nose, a re-optimized reflex profile, a new elliptical arc, a new riser speed system, extra-terrestrial colour schemes, trademark CCB 3D panel shaping, and of course exceptional BGD handling. The brand new risers feature dedicated tip-steering handles, low and high hang-point loops, trimmers and speed bar. With all these new features the LUNA 2 is ready to take on any challenge you dream up!

Bruce's Notes

With the LUNA 2 we have focused on an easy inflation, fun manoeuvrability, stability, and top speed – all the things you need for paramotoring ventures. Cord Cut Billow (CCB) along the LUNA 2’s leading edge helps keep the reflex profile smooth and perfect, and the reflex makes for excellent stability at all speeds.


Top surface : Dominico D30 42g/m²
Bottom surface : Porcher Ezzyfly 40g/m²
Internal structure : Porcher Skytex 40g/m²
Nose reinforcing : Plastic wire 2,5mm and 2,0mm
Risers : 20mm black nylon webbing
Pulleys : Railey and Spenger
Top lines : Liros (Sheathed)
Middle lines : Liros (Sheathed)
Lower lines : Liros (Sheathed)
Brakes : Liros (Sheathed)

  20 23 26  
Projected area 17.34 19.94 22.54
Flat area 20.00 23.00 26.00
Glider weight 5.0 5.5 6.0 kg
Height 6.80 7.30 7.77 m
Number of main lines 3/4/3/2 A/B/C/D
Cells 52  
Flat aspect ratio 5.35  
Root cord 2.433 2.609 2.774 m
Flat span 10.14 10.87 11.56 m
Projected span 8.15 8.74 9.30 m
In-flight weight range 80-120 90-140 105-160 kg
Trim speed 39-55 km/h
Top speed 65 km/h
Certification DGAC  
Produsent: BGD
Farger BGD:
Pris: NOK 31 900,00
plus frakt
Vekt: 5,6 Kg
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